These are the buzz words in new age agriculture but how JVES as a Social enterprise is contributing in this segment is what one needs to look at.

All these new age technologies or services are basically disruptors and helps the common people / farmers connect to the market and also a consumer knows what he/she is buying at the end of the day. Unlike the existing process of agri marketing, these tools help to minimize cost,  reduce intermediaries, helps towards lessening carbon footprints and also towards cabon sequestration and most importantly creates transparency.

Farmers are not accustomed to these words and usually they are very skeptical to Change. We at JVES helps to minimize this gap and help disseminate the correct information to the farmers, train them for its adaptability and help towards mass usage of such simple tools to make life easier for them.

How we do?

When we secure a project from our funding agencies or Govt. departments, we try to integrate technology with help from their developers at minimal cost for such projects at times, even if the fund is not their for such integration. The bigger the project, the better is the delivery of such tools.

Our major projects are Cluster based for eg. UPSRLM – Organic Cluster project has over 20400 Mahila Kisan, as CBBO we are managing currently 42 FPOs across 2 States (Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal), which helps us to access thousands of farmers and their linkages. Though these projects never asked for such interventions but with to manage

the huge number of farmers and multiple challenges adoption to technology was a necessity. The differentiator is what, where, how and when such interventional technology to adopt and as Support Agencies or implementation partners, we select the appropriate tools which addresses the new age demand.

Carbon Sequestration models are quite popular but whether such models can be rolled out in large numbers across multiple agro climatic zones and amongst different cultural practices, is the challenge that JVES is helping to mitigate.

Research & Development

Our contribution to R&D is primarily in the Sustainable and Organic segment of Agriculture and allied sectors. We understand the modern agriculture is more oriented towards productivity and increasing the shelf life of the farm produce which is a necessity considering the huge population & their food security that countries have to sustain. But it is also important to take care of mother Earth as she has been feeding us for ages and we cannot destroy the environment for short term gains.

We at JVES work with Universities and various Organic input companies to create a better tomorrow. Folk varieties of crops, GI Crops tagging and traceability, Organic farming approach and methodologies, Regenerative Agriculture, Certification systems, working on carbon sequestration models and helping farmers adopt to these challenges for helping impact their livelihood and economic well being positively is what we are implementing.