Social Enterprises such as ours need to participate with Industry bodies like CII, FICCI, ASSOCHAM etc. to provide them with a parallel thought process which helps them to align in the right direction towards advising Government and Policy making bodies.

JVES primary objectives lies in providing better sustenance and crate positive livelihood impact for the farmers of the nation using Sustainable Agricultural interventions. We have been able to reason with public officials towards adoption of Organic inputs in large scale Govt. policies which has not only helped farmers learn about them but also helped the Organic input industry access large markets making them viable business ventures.

Simultaneously, considering the various Certification norms in Organic farming and newer standards and policies related to detection of residue in crops, many organic growers remain unaware of the changes which leads to rejection of their farm produces in the market. As advocacy platforms we at JVES, not only make the growers aware of the changing norms but also reason with policy makers on behalf of the growers on the new standards and their implications and how best we can adopt to the challenges.

Our agro climatic conditions have changed dramatically in the last decade and made many crops challenging to grow. Modern solutions are available in terms of Protected Cultivation, Hydrophonics, Vertical farming, Agri IoT, Drone usage etc. but at the end we cannot intervene at a mass scale to over come the challenges of climate change using such ways. We have to work with Nature and keep her needs at priority if we want to grow crops for generations in our soil. Our efforts with Policy makers is to make them understand the need of the hour and for future generations to benefit from such interventions.